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1. What is going on here? is a Web site dedicated to the Red Cube project, a city-wide art project in support of 500 Ways of Looking at Modern, a yearlong exploration of what modern means, presented by the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago and the Poetry Foundation. Every week you can see a series of Exhibitions, performances, readings, family programs, gallery talks, and lectures as we look at modern from the perspective of artists, curators, dancers, museum directors, musicians, poets and scholars.

2. Where are the cubes hidden?

500 cubes are hidden throughout Chicago. There are extra-large versions in 4 locations around the city as well. We’d tell you where they are, but that would take away the fun of discovery, wouldn’t it?

3. What if I don't like my art project?

If you can't or don't wish to complete your art project, we ask that you kindly pass your cube on to someone who would. If you still wish to participate, you can make your own cube. Click here to download.

4. What if I don't find a cube?

You can still participate. Just make your own cube by clicking Make a cube. Then, download a cube and simply follow the instructions.

5. How do I upload my art project?

You can upload jpg, gif, png, mpeg, mov, and avi files. If your art project is not in one of these files, you can scan it, convert it, or drop it off at the information desk at the Art Institute.

6. Can I really have my work displayed in the Art Institute?

It’s possible. There will be a special display at the Art Institute in Spring 2010, showcasing the most interesting words, photos, videos, and artwork that people have created. If you want updates of the Red Cube Project, as well as the latest from the Art Institute, just click "Follow Along" on the left hand side of this Web site, and give us your e-mail or phone number.

7. What if my question isn’t frequently asked?

If you still have questions, stop by the Art Institute or contact us at . We look forward to seeing you soon.

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