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Make nice with tourists

Find a tourist outside the Art Institute and give him or her your cube without explanation, then describe the reaction here. If you’re the tourist who received it, tell us where the cube is now. Upload a photo, if you’d like. Your contribution may appear in a special display at the Art Institute.

#1 erica ernst completed the task.

I found this cube while at work. I am a social worker, and I work with homeless individuals. I found the cube outside of the Harold Washington Library, and was extremely excited. When I logged in to the site, however, I became a bit deflated. I found that many of the projects really both appealed and applied to me. I work on and around the CTA in engaging homeless individuals. I have travelled to several other states since finding the cube. My mode of art expression is photography. I like to buy and sell things on e-bay and craig's list. This is the cube, believe it or not, that I found the next day and gave to a co-worker. The cube that I found outside of the library sat for over a month, was clawed a bit by my cat, and travelled both in my car and on the CTA. Finally, today, last minute, I ran to the Art Institute after work to complete my task. As soon as I approached the museum, I saw that one of my clients that I had been looking for was sitting on the steps. She was agreeable to waiting for me while I 'completed an art project'. She was impressed with the cube, and said that it was well constructed. I had to clarify that I didn't make it myself. I approached a couple who were apparently in their 60's, but they just repeatedly said 'no, thank you'. I suppose it didn't help that war protesters and multiple homeless people were attempting to engage with passers-by. I then approached a couple, and asked if they were visiting Chicago, holding the cube in front of me with 'The Art Institute' clearly visible. The woman stated that she couldn't take the cube, as she couldn't bring it on the plane the following day, as a stranger had given it to her. She had what I thought was a strong French accent. I explained the project, and she reported sympathy for me, stating that she was an artist herself, but declined the cube. I suppose that I didn't realize quite how difficult this would be! I had meant to put a bow on it around the holidays, and perhaps I would have been more successful. Ultimately, I noticed a woman taking a picture of 4 children in front of the museum, and thought that perhaps they were tourists. They stated that they were from the suburbs. I had to take what I could get. I explained the project, and offered them the cube. The woman was very nice, and we joked that she was 'visiting' Chicago. The four kids were very cool, accepted the cube, and stating that they liked art projects. I thanked them profusely. I then attended to my client, and took her across the street to eat, as she reported that she hadn't eaten in two days. I think that this was an appropriate completion of my project, as it both started and ended in relation to my work, which is extremely important to me. I wrote an expression on my cube prior to today that I try very hard to live by. I will leave it up to the family who received it to decide whether to post it or not. Thanks for this opportunity!

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