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Matisse-like naming project

Henri Matisse often gave his work simple descriptive names. (For example, Apples, Daisies, and Lemons on a Pewter Plate.) Take a photo of your cube, and give it a Matisse-like simple name. Post the photo and name here. Your contribution may appear in a special display at the Art Institute.

#1 Dave Wendland completed the task.

"Cube In Booth"

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#2 mary commented on 12/9/2009

Nice . . . But couldn't it be a Cuban booth. You know the pun is an art form itself!

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#3 Dave Wendland commented on 12/9/2009

Drat! That would've been perfect, Mary. Oh well...

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#4 Jillian commented on 12/10/2009

lovely dave! yay for happy endings.

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#5 Katie commented on 12/10/2009

Dave, this is awesome!

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#6 Dave Wendland commented on 12/10/2009

Hey, thanks! Knew right away what I wanted to do with the cube. Pretty happy with how it turned out. Gotta say: cube's more photogenic though!

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#7 Heather B commented on 12/10/2009

Wow - that's fantastic. Well done!

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#8 Dave Wendland commented on 12/10/2009

Thanks, Heather. :)

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