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Facebook pass-along

Update your Facebook status to let your friends know you found one of the Art Institute red cubes, then give your cube to the 3rd person to comment about it. Document it by telling us here (in words, pictures, or both) about the person who took it from you. Your contribution may appear in a special display at the Art Institute. (If you don’t have a Facebook account, kindly pass the cube along to someone who does.)

#1 Ben Bassett completed the task.

I saved this poor little cube from a cold snowy morning sitting next to a pile of Red Eye papers outside my el Station at Diversey. After waiting patiently for his first owner my cube had to wait another 24 hours after I posted him to my facebook profile. Interestingly enough I had three responses which were all from outside of Chicago. I debated for some time about whether to ship my poor little cube outside the city limits, but rules are rules and off to East Lansing my little guy will go. My cube is going to Diana Shkreli, a wonderful woman I met while judging a Moot Court Competition here in Chicago. She is incredibly smart and talented and apparently very attentive to facebook posts about little red cubes. Good luck brave cube!

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#2 Diana Shkreli commented on 12/8/2009

I forwarded this amazing "cube gone around the world" to Lisa Holmes. Lisa is quite the adventurous. She lives and works in NYC, and is the epitome of amazing. She has a commanding charm, impressive wit, and her own sense of style. She is a college friend as well as a great person to hang around with! My cube is going to Lisa because she is the awesomest and was the third one to comment on my delicious facebook status.... Cheers to you Lisa! Don't break the cube!!!!

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#3 Lisa Holmes commented on 12/8/2009

And the winner of this cube is heading back to MI - a Mr. Pat O'Donohue! Pat gets this cube for being the 3rd replyer in a chain of 'wannabe' cube mates! I'm glad Pat is getting this cube, because he is planning a party for me and his younger brother (who is 27 years old) and we can't plan our own party because we're little and naive.
Pat, enjoy your cube!
Also I'm continuing the trend of only photos of people not teeth smiling. This is like stuck up smiling. haha

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#4 Patrick O'Donohue commented on 12/9/2009

Derek Wilson has ninja'd in and stolen the red cube! He's my most wonderful boyfriend as well as a talented art student. He sees the world through RPG-tinted glasses, which makes it perfect that he's the next one to receive the real-life treasure item known as the RED CUBE.

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#5 Cube Wrangler commented on 1/10/2010

Alright Derek. Cough it up. Where's Patrick's cube?!?

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