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A cube for sale

Some people understand conceptual art as a complete rejection of the commodification of art. How hard is it to sell an idea? Try to sell your cube on eBay or Craigslist, and document the ad and results here in words, photos, or even video, if you’d like. Your contribution may appear in a special display at the Art Institute.

#1 Benjamin Salameh completed the task.

I encountered the box as I ran for a bus I had missed. I almost tripped over it and read the writing on it. I brought the box to school and asked my teachers what it was and one of them got excited and told me about the box. As of now I put the box on display in my room.

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#2 Benjamin Salameh commented on 12/4/2009

I will upload it on ebay soon.

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#3 mary commented on 12/9/2009

I am very much interested in purchasing the Cube. Please contact me at [email protected]

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#4 Cube Wrangler commented on 1/10/2010

Benjamin, did you auction your cube on eBay yet? Every time I go to check, I get distracted and end up adding to my Pachinko collection.

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#5 Benjamin Salameh commented on 1/21/2010

I will auction the cube on ebay in the next day or so.

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#6 Benjamin Salameh commented on 1/30/2010

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#7 chase commented on 2/3/2010

We were robbed... Ok, who swooped in and outbid us in the last minute? Who was it? Fess up. Oh, and Benjamin, if they don't come through with paying, let us know. ;)

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#8 Jory commented on 2/4/2010

I confess, it was me. I wanted to spread the Cube joy... without giving up my own. I'll put back on ebay in the next few days. Keep an eye out for it...

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#9 Jory commented on 2/7/2010

I put it back on ebay:

Item # : 270528025758

Please bid early & often as proceeds will go to the Art Institute!


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#10 Jory commented on 2/7/2010 item # 270528025758

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#11 chase commented on 2/8/2010

Ok, hopefully we win this time! Thanks for the re-sell, Jory.

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#12 Jory commented on 2/8/2010

Was inspired by:

A tool to deceive and slaughter 2009 - Caleb Larsen

ebay item #: 190367275705

Sold for: $6,350.00

Up for re-sale on ebay: for $6,858.00

ebay item #: 110489351313


For Making Art Institute Cubes market value currently $49.00 !

I just realized, the auction is ending on Valentines Day... would make a Great present ! All be it a bit late... but, dressed in the right color !

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#13 Jory commented on 2/14/2010

Going, going... in 5 hours will be gone!

ebay item #: 110489351313

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#14 Jory commented on 2/14/2010

Sold !

Current market value = $ 107.50

And I'm happy to report going back to Chicago!

Someone from Las Vegas, NV. was the 2nd highest bid... I just can't see the Red Cubes in Vegas!

It's a Chicago thing!

I only hope it's going to a good home & she'll update us on her new cube!


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#15 Mary M commented on 2/17/2010

#267 ...... Finally , our quest is over !!!! We have searched high and low for one of these "shy" red cubes all around town. Jory was gracious enough to relist this priceless artifact on eBay and we were lucky to be the winners. We promise to share photos of this particular cube's growth with our family. But for now, the task of #267 has been fulfilled and its company will be enjoyed by its new family here in Chicago.

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