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Favorite Art Institute artwork

Visit the Art Institute and take a photo of you and your cube in front of your favorite work of art. Upload your photo here, and tell us why it’s your favorite. Your contribution may appear in a special display at the Art Institute.

#1 Katja Lunde completed the task.

It took a while, but I finally got to AIC to complete the task that Cubey had been reminding me about daily. Yet which piece of art would I pick? There are so many amazing works in the Art Institute that it was extremely difficult to pick just one!

I have a degree in art history from the University of Wisconsin. I graduated in '03, and aside from keeping up with gallery nights here and there, I hadn't thought much about art since, well, 2003. Going in the AIC's modern wing reopened my eyes to the wonder and awesomeness of art, particularly my favorite works -- surrealists and dadaists and absurd art in general. It was like reuniting with a lost love; my heart quickened, my eyes widened, everything was exciting! While I almost chose Man Ray's "Cadeau" as my favorite work, I ended up on Time Transfixed by Magritte. It's absurd but clear, like a vision in a dream that you can't quite shake after waking. Cubey helped me imitate the art, as you can see in the photo.

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#2 sarah of chicago commented on 2/15/2010

What a beautifyl photograph and great choice in artwork as well. Nice job!

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#3 sarah of chicago commented on 2/15/2010

Make that "beautiful" LOL

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