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Cube vacation

Take your cube on a nice trip. Take a few photos along the way and upload them here upon your return. If you don’t have a trip planned soon, give the cube to someone who does. Your contribution may appear in a special display at the Art Institute.

#1 Skip B completed the task.

While visiting friends & family in Chicago I happened across the "Vacation Cube." My task is to show my cube a good time as the two of us travel to exotic places. I live in St. Louis, so our first vacation, so to speak, will be to see the sights of the Gateway City. I will post some pictures soon. We are planning to soak up some sun in Florida this May. Aloha!


#2 Skip B commented on 12/7/2009

Vacation Cube & I did some sightseeing. Here we are at the new Busch Stadium

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#3 Skip B commented on 12/7/2009

Stan the Man Musial statue in the background

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#4 Skip B commented on 12/7/2009

Tossing around the cube at the Edward Jones Dome (cube as football), where the Rams play.

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#5 Tracy commented on 12/8/2009

I heard that the cubes were in to sports - look like he's having a good time.

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#6 Al commented on 12/8/2009

Put the box in as quarterback! Maybe the Rams would win a game!

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#7 Heather B commented on 12/11/2009

Maybe we need a bunch of cubes to be the offensive line.

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