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Facebook pass-along

Update your Facebook status to let your friends know you found one of the Art Institute red cubes, then give your cube to the 3rd person to comment about it. Document it by telling us here (in words, pictures, or both) about the person who took it from you. Your contribution may appear in a special display at the Art Institute. (If you don’t have a Facebook account, kindly pass the cube along to someone who does.)

#1 Brad Bretz completed the task.

Was so happy to receive Cube 115 from Don, a security guard at Millennium Park, yesterday afternoon. I asked Don if he had seen any cubes around the park. He said he had found one and he was gracious enough to share the cube with me so I could participate. Believe it or not, after Don gave me the cube, a colleague of Don told me he had seen another cube in the garbage by the Cloud Gate sculpture.

Later that evening, after visiting the information desk in the lobby of the Art Institute with cube 115. I went over to the garbage can and to my amazement, there was another cube sitting in the bottom of the can! I fished it out, cleaned it off thoroughly and now I can take photographs for the project too as well as share the fun of the Red Cube project with others on Facebook

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#2 Brad Bretz commented on 12/5/2009

Here are some photos.

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#3 Brad Bretz commented on 12/5/2009

The very friendly ladies at the information desk.


#4 Cube Wrangler commented on 1/10/2010

Hey Brad, did you ever pass your cube on to a Facebook friend? We'd love to hear/see an update. Thanks!

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#5 Brad Bretz commented on 1/19/2010

Hello! Sorry for not updating in a while. Yes, I passed on the cube to my girlfriend, Nancy. She was very excited to participate and she has already passed it on to her friend Molly, whom was also very excited. Molly posted it on her Facebook page and now Molly's friend is going to take the cube. More details as they become available.

Here's a photo of Nancy with the Cube!

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#6 Nancy Hashimoto commented on 1/19/2010

Happy to receive my cube and then pass it along, I posted on Facebook that I had the AI cube assignment and got a quick response from my friend Molly. As a roller derby queen and dodge ball superstar, Molly is always ready for a challenge and an adventure. It didn't take long before the cube was happily on its way, headlining as the status of other Facebook pages.

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#7 Molly commented on 1/19/2010

Thanks for the cube Nance! I saw the ads for the red cube project at my bus stop--go figure that I show up to work, and you've got one of them! Nance and Brad are fluent in all things Chicago so it was only appropriate that they had a red cube.

The cube and I had a great time, but we decided it best to go our separate ways. Super Ian is a speech team judge on weekends and dodgeball player by night. He is pursuing his MBA and loves trains and bicycles, scotch, and pretending to be British by wearing tweed suitcoats. The cube is in good hands.

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#8 Ian commented on 1/21/2010

Dearest Molly,

I must say that this cube has changed my life. Not only is it red, but it is cubed. It is possibly my favourite object, and almost my favourite colour. I hope I have lived up to your cube expectations.

The cube changed my life, and now it is off to change other lives. Adri--a mother of two, full-time student, part-time student worker--now has the cube, and hopefully her children enjoy it almost as much as I did.

Time to go put on a tweed jacket and ride my bike.


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#9 Brad Bretz commented on 2/1/2010

Great posts and photos guys!

Please tell Adri to post a photo of her and the children with the cube, we'd love to see it

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#10 Adri commented on 2/15/2010

Sooooo super busy, BUT I will take the pic this weekend and post it! Sorry to stall things but as Ian noted I have my hands full!


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#11 Help Desk commented on 8/16/2010

another image

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#12 Help Desk commented on 8/16/2010

another image

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#13 Help Desk commented on 8/16/2010

another image

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#14 Adrianna Rivera commented on 8/16/2010

Well there they are....that cube has been through a lot, but it's on it's way to Gina so she can take some really cool pics...possibly with Zoo animals :) Enjoy all!

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